List of available code

There is a list of all available code developped within our group.
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The black lines on the left are to show which code should be used together.

Compute the number of core years of an experiment

The following form will help you to compute the number of core years from an experiment. You need the execution time, in hours, for one year of experiment (check Graham emails) and the number of CPU used by the ocean (check the experiment .ksh file). If you run the model for more or less than 1 year, please do some basic math to get a number equivalent to the time needed to run 1 year.
Additionally, if you provide the length of your experiment (in years) you will get the total cost for this experiment.

Execution time (in hours):
Number of CPU:

Number of core years: 0
Number of years of the experiment:
Total cost of the experiment: 0

Equation used: nhour/24/365*ncpu and ncore*nyrs