Paul G. Myers


Areas of Interest:

My prime research interest at present is the role of fresh water in the high latitude oceans, and how to correctly simulate the salinity, freshwater content and freshwater transport in regional ocean general circulation models. More generally, research projects I am involved with or would be interested in having a graduate student work on, include:
  1. The role of Freshwater in the High-Latitude Oceans
  2. Regional Ocean Modelling (Labrador Sea and Subpolar North Atlantic)
  3. Links Between the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans
  4. Upper Ocean Variability in the Gulf of Alaska
  5. Finite Element Methods in Oceanography
  6. Paleoceanography
  7. Mediterranean Oceanography

Graduate Student Opportunities:

If you have an interest in any of the above areas of research, feel free to contact me by email at

That said, please do not just email me with a short note saying that you are interested in one of these areas and that you'd like to be part of my research group. For a potential applicant to be seriously considered, I generally would like to know about your academic background (including your exposure, if any, in areas of mathematics, physics and/or physical oceanography), your research goals, what skills you could bring to any project and specifically why you are considered the University of Alberta and my research group. As well, it helps to give me details of any previous research experience you may have had (if any) - here, please don't just describe the project but explain to me the scientific importance and significance of the work, as well as your contribution to the larger project.

Details of graduate studies in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta can be found here.

Research Group (Present and Past):

Xianmin Hu
PDF (2013-)
Ph.D. (2009-2013)
Peggy Courtois
PDF (2014-2015)
Juliana Marson
PDF (2015-)
Ting On Chan
PDF (2015-)
Clark Pennelly
Res. Ass. (2013-)
Laura Castro
Ph.D. (2013-)
M.Sc. (2010-2012)
Nathan Grivault
Ph.D. (2014-)
Internship (2013)
Yarisbel Garcia
Ph.D. (2014-)
Laura Gillard
Ph.D. (2015-)
M.Sc. (2013-2015)
Natasha Ridenour
Ph.D. (2015-)
USRA (2012)
Samantha Roch
B.Sc. Thesis (2015-)
Internship (2015)

Completed Graduate Thesis Students: (Supervised and Co-Supervised)

  1. Sarah Samuel: M.Res. (co-supervisor, University of Edinburgh), 1998 , Response of the Mediterranean Sea Thermohaline Circulation to Observed Changes in the Winter Wind Stress Field in the Period 1980-1993
  2. Daniel Deacu : M.Sc. (Computational Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland), 2002 , Finite Element Solution of the Two-Dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Coriolis Force
  3. Mark Cheeseman: M.Sc., 2003 A Partial Cell Topographic Representation in a Model of the Sub-Polar North Atlantic
  4. Ting On Chan (Chalmers University of Technology): M.Sc., 2004 An Examination of the Labrador Sea in the Winters of 2002-2004 using Argo Floats
  5. Michelle Li: M.Sc., 2004 Investigation of Mixed Layer Depths along Line P and throughout the Gulf of Alaska using Historical Data and Argo Floats
  6. Samir Douik: (University of the Mediterranean): M.Sc., 2005 Vertical variation of an eddy parameterization in an extended domain version of the Sub-Polar Ocean Model
  7. Duo Yang: Ph.D., 2005 Impact of anomalous surface forcing on the sub-polar North Atlantic: Water mass formation and circulation
  8. Daniel Deacu : Ph.D., 2005 Contributions to ocean and sea ice modelling with application to the modelling of the sub-polar North Atlantic Ocean
  9. Jennifer Jackson: M.Sc., 2005 An examination of horizontal advection and the causes of mixed layer variability in the northeast Pacific Ocean from 2001-05 using Argo data and the General Ocean Turbulence Model
  10. Nilgun Kulan: Ph.D., 2007 Development and Application of Labrador Sea Climatologies
  11. Sanjay Rattan: Ph.D., 2008 North Atlantic Ocean and Sea Ice Modelling and
  12. Marc Defossez (University of Quebec at Rimouski): Ph.D., 2008 Etude de la Circulation Oceanographique dans le bassin de Foxe (Canada)
  13. Ji Lei : M.Sc., 2009 Interdecadal Variability along 38N in the North Atlantic
  14. Anna Katavouta : M.Sc., 2010 Sea Ice Data Assimilation for the Canadian East Coast
  15. Colin More : M.Sc., 2010 The role of North Atlantic Current water in exchanges across the Greenland-Scotland Ridge from the Nordic Seas
  16. Veronique Lago : M.Sc., 2011 The role of Greenland Ice Sheet melt in ocean general circulation models
  17. [Praveen] VK Praveen : Ph.D., 2012 North Atlantic finite element ocean modelling
  18. [Laura] Laura Castro de la Guardia: M.Sc., 2012 Modelling sea ice in Hudson Bay from polar bears (Ursus Maritimus) perspective
  19. John (Qiang) Wang : Ph.D., 2012 Numerical modelling of the ocean circulation in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  20. [Xianmin] Xianmin Hu : Ph.D., 2013 Simulation of Freshwater Processes Associated with the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Past Postdoctoral Research Fellows:

  1. Sven Harig , 2004-05 : Application of the Finite Element Ocean Model (FEOM) to the Labrador Sea
  2. Arjen Terwisscha van Scheltinga , 2008-2011 : Application of the Finite Element Ocean Model (FEOM) to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Past Research Assistants:

  1. Khoa Nguyen, 2006-08 Labrador Current variability
  2. Chris Donnelly, 2006 Transport variability in the West Greenland Current
  3. Alexander Kim, 2013 Lagrangian Pathways in the North Atlantic Ocean

Undergraduate and Internship Students

  1. Meggan Vickerd, 2000 Summer Research Project: Finite Element Grids
  2. Jacqueline Fanger, 2000 Summer Research Project: Labrador Sea Topography
  3. Gy Hopkins, 2001 Summer Research Project: Labrador Sea Freshwater Transport
  4. Marie Yardin, 2001 International Internship: Sub-Polar Mode Water
  5. Chris Wielke, 2002 Undergraduate Thesis: A Dynamic Study of the Bosphorus Strait during the S1 Sapropel
  6. Shoshana Goldstein, 2002-2003 NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: Black Sea Holocene Connections
  7. Estelle Wagner, 2003 International Internship: North Atlantic Current
  8. Cassandra Tessche, 2003 International Internship: Labrador Sea sea-ice
  9. Brett Wheler, 2004 NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: Variability in Labrador Sea Evaporation and Precipitation
  10. Chris Donnelly, 2005 NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: Variability in Water Mass Formation in the Labrador Sea
  11. Chris Donnelly, 2005-06 Honours Undergraduate Thesis: North Atlantic Precipitation and Circulation Variability
  12. Gordon Brasnett 2006-07 Undergraduate Thesis: Flow through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  13. Thomas Parkinson, 2007 : NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: West Greenland Current
  14. Emily Collier, 2009 : NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: Sea-Ice in NEMO Model Simulations
  15. Natasha Ridenour, 2010 : NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: NEMO Model Simulations Forced by Different Atmospheric Fields
  16. Evan DeLancey 2011 Undergraduate Thesis: The spatial and temporal variability of the Western Greenland Current during summer months
  17. Sarah Stanners, 2012 : NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: Structure of the West Greenland Current from Seal Data
  18. Eric Webb, 2012 : NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award: Analysis of Numerical Models of the Arctic Ocean
  19. Xiaoxia Sheng, 2012 International Internship: Labrador Current Freshwater Transports
  20. Laura Gillard 2012-13 Undergraduate Thesis: Pathways of Freshwater from the Greenland Ice Sheet into the Atlantic Ocean
  21. Nathan Grivault, 2013 International Internship: Flux and water Watermass budget of Baffinn Bay from numerical models
  22. Leonhard Spielgelberg, 2013 International Internship: Ocean circulation studies in the Labrador Sea
  23. Surya Kabi, 2013 International Internship: Labrador Sea Freshwater Transports
  24. Zhide Luo, 2013 International Internship: Labrador Sea Freshwater Transports
  25. Huang Huang, 2013 International Internship: UVic Climate Model Implementation
  26. Maximiliano Ramirez, 2014 International Internship: Ocean General Circulation Model Visualization
  27. David Stanfel, 2014 Term Project: Storms in the GDPS Dataset